Our reputation as Africa’s friendliest springs from the warm reception to strangers in the East African country. According to international research, Uganda tops the list as the friendliest destination for expat families. The Pearl of Africa is home to many tribes and languages, conjectured as the highest in the world, and each tribe has its own musical history.

–Edonga dance Karamoja

Songs are passed down from generation to generation. At gatherings the people often sing and dance. Whether the people are in a somber or jovial mood, there is always a need a need for music.

Entogoli (lyres), Ndingidi, Amadinda (Xylophone), Ngoma (drum), Lukeme (thumb piano), Engalabi (Long drum) are the commonly played instruments. The cultural dances are something else altogether. In Uganda, rhythm is the key and there is no doubt Ugandans are gifted at that!

Pay the Gishu a visit in the Eastern end of Uganda and express admiration for the circumcision dance known as Kadodi which is a blend of very sophiscated drum-work, and heavy continual gyration of all parts of the body from head, shoulder, knees and toes.